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Astrological Predictions for
September 2015


Frances A. May


Many of the subconscious issues which have been stirred up will become clearer to you this month – at least you’ll be more conscious of the things that are bothering you! Your logic alone won’t be able to account for everything that has been happening. You’ll have to trust your higher intuition to provide solutions, or to start you in the right direction. You won’t have all the answers immediately; solutions will reveal themselves as events develop. Suspend judgement; give yourself and others the benefit of the doubt. Take deep breaths, and extend the hand of kindness to all, in particular to yourself. If you do so, you will find that the foundations of knowledge of your own self-worth will date from this time period.



You’ll be busy with friends and, possibly, with charitable activities this month.  Money may be tight, but you can give of your time and advice. Be patient in talking with children and grandchildren. They may be confused and will need your love and guidance right now. You’ll be able to come up with some unexpected solutions to suggest to them. Patience at work will be needed; Mars is crossing through that area of life and things could get interesting!



There are many things taking place in your career area this month, with the presence of five planets transiting it! Communication and careful planning will pay off, especially after Venus starts direct on September 6th. A quick review of training practices will prepare you to be articulate in discussions with supervisors. You may hear about some favorable investment opportunities that will bear long term benefits. Pluto turning direct on September 25th makes stalled matters move forward more smoothly.



If you’re planning to enroll in courses this fall, or even take some concentrated training in your work area, it will help set you up for career improvements in the future, as Jupiter goes through the educational area of your chart, in preparation to enter your career sector about a year from now. Saturn will return to Sagittarius on September 18th, which will help you gain more structure in your life and bring in opportunities for growth and stabilization.



If you’ve been thinking of reallocating personal funds over the last several months, you’ll begin seeing slow but steady growth. Have a financial planner take a look at what you have planned. They may be able to help you tweak your plans to where they will be even more effective. Have patience in your dealings with partners and your spouse. Mars in your relationship house may stir up issues.



You’ll find your intuition strengthening and beginning to work more smoothly in your interactions with other people. It’s a good time to focus on your relationships since there are five planets in that area of your chart! There will probably be a lot of activity in that area. Your ruling planet, Uranus, is now retrograde, so things may move more slowly than you might like.



It might be a good idea to have a physical this month. You’ll probably get insights on health problems you’ve had, and new directions to take that will improve it. Education or training undertaken or begun now will yield big rewards in the future. You may be called on to be a peacemaker in sibling rivalries! Mercury opposing your ruler, Neptune, may challenge you to verbalize some of your intuitive knowing.



Be careful around the house. If there is a lot of clutter, you’ll have the energy to straighten things up and lessen the chance of accidents. Later on there will be opportunities for beautification of your home and landscape. You may be pulled into the chaos of back-to-school if you have kids or grandkids of a certain age.



Things will likely be very busy around your home this month, with people coming and going, repair work taking place, beautification projects – all kinds of fun things are possible! Venus, your ruler, turns direct on September 6th, so things will start to turn around then. Peace returns, and relationships go back to normal again, or hopefully improve.



Communications in a muddle? Lots of things are taking place in that area of life. Also affected are siblings and others in your immediate environment, both at home and work. Mercury, which rules Gemini and Virgo, goes retrograde on September 18th, so it might be prudent to back up any important computer files before then, since Uranus, the ruler of technology, is also retrograde.



Get plenty of rest now, and simple, nutritious food. Mars is in your first house, so you may be more likely than usual to get your feelings hurt this month. It’s also a good time to take a look at your finances. There are likely to be opportunities for long range plans that will bring financial rewards. Health issues that have been puzzling to you may be clarified after Pluto turns direct on September 25th.



There are several opportunities for personal growth this month. There may also be some problems sleeping, with Mars moving through your subconscious. It may stir up forgotten issues. This time make the effort to come to grips with the problems, and make peace with them. Venus going direct on September 6th will help smooth things out.

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Psychic & Holistic Fair

"The best psychic fair north of Dallas"

Sense-ations' Psychic & Holistic Fair

Saturday, September 12th

DoubleTree Hotel
1981 N Central Expwy
Richardson, TX 75080
(SW Corner of Campbell Rd and 75)

Our gifted readers are some of the best you will find anywhere.
Come let them help guide you in your life’s journey.

Whether you are looking for insight, guidance, peace, healing or comfort, you will find what you're looking for here. Let your "senses" guide you to that which can enliven you.

$7 admission

Get a $2 off coupon by joining our email list here and receive monthly updates too.

All readings are only $15 for 15 minutes.

Note: We are a "cash only" fair.
(Some vendors may take credit cards.)

Below is a list of who is currently scheduled to be at our next event.
Check back later for any updates.



http://www.sense-ations.com/images/0207317c5d3deafc7d81f5be761962be_4rvk_r08w.pngFrances May - Astrology, Tarot and Intuitive

With an extensive background of study and practice in both astrology and tarot, (over 35 years), Frances utilizes the wisdom of these paths, along with her natural intuitive gifts, to help and guide her clients. She uses tools such as the astrological chart and the tarot cards to locate areas which are being stressed and to illuminate trends that are taking place or coming in the future.

Jessica Hitch Intuitive through Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Claircognizance

Jessica can help you gain clarity and understanding about your path, purpose and potential. She connects with your guides, angels, and higher self to discern exactly what they want you to know at this point in your journey. Using her gifts, she tunes into your energy and delivers clear messages from your spiritual team of helpers. A reading can help you navigate your love life, relationships, finances, career, spiritual practice, and more!

http://www.sense-ations.com/images/116e88ea254167aea286868b94151bbe_mkzg.pngKathy D Carter - Intuitive, Empath, Channel and Healer

Kathy incorporates all of her innate gifts including but not limited to being Claircognizant, Clairaudient, and Clairvoyant in every card reading you have with her. She is the messenger delivering the message and healing runs naturally for your Highest Good.

Mary Beth Wood - Psychic-Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Medical Intuitive, Dowsing with L-Rods & Pedulums

Mary Beth uses a variety of tools in her readings. She communicates with your guides, angels, and lost loved ones to give you messages for your highest good.

Michele Nordahl – Tarot and Hermetic Kabbalah 

Michele has been trained in the Living Tarot Method and can answer questions ranging anywhere from very specific to as vague as "What's going on with me right now?" Over the past year, she has added a study of tarot birth cards on the Hermetic Kabbalah trees of light and shadow--which helps with understanding self and relationships--and is a dynamic stand-alone study, as well as adding an extra element to Rider-Waite tarot readings.



Letisha Schwaesdall - Chair Massage & Brain Balancing
Letisha is a licensed massage therapist and energy worker. She will be offering chair massage and/or “brain balancing”. Brain balancing is a technique that sends energy through both sides of the brain to find and remove any energy blocks within the neurons, eliminating blockages from both mind and body.



Stacy Kline - H9 (Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water)

H9 has trillions of reasons to drink it - your cells. Structured water activates cells, hydrates better and is optimized for advanced cellular absorption.

Melodie McFarland - Mary Kay Consultant

As your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Melodie will teach you the NECESSITY of GREAT skin care. She offers personalized service that fits your lifestyle. Anyone can be beautiful with the right shade of lipstick but she will make you feel confident that you have the right shade! With CONFIDENCE, you can bring that STAR out and SHINE! Let Melodie show you that Mary Kay is MORE than cosmetics, it's about ENRICHING women's lives.


Legal Disclaimer: Please be advised that all psychic (and other) readings are not 100% accurate at all times. Also, not all wellness practitioners can heal all things. You are advised to consult medical professionals for medical issues and attorneys for legal issues. We can not guarantee the information or services you receive at our fair and we can not be held liable and/or accountable for any decision you make as a result of you coming to our events. For legal reasons, we must tell you that all readings, wellness services, etc that you encounter at any of our events are for entertainment purposes only. Thank you for your understanding.