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         I am an open conduit for "Divine" information and energy to flow through.

Psychic Intuitive Guidance

Receive guidance from the other side.

Mahariel is a Clairsentient (sense/feel/know), Clairvoyant (see), and Clairaudient (hear). She does readings strictly by intuition and guidance from her personal spirit guides who talk with your spirit guides, God, Ascended Masters, Angels, etc. You can ask about whatever you would like to know. Your reading may include exact information such as names and/or time frames. Often, guidance is provided in what direction might be best for you in whatever you are asking about.

Phone consultations only

$55 for 30 minutes
$99 for an hour

I had the pleasure of meeting Kellye [Mahariel] at [psychic fair] a few years ago and continue to have readings periodically.  I was involved in on-going litigation that had consumed my life, my time, and my energy.  Kellye [Mahariel] provided guidance that allowed me to know the outcome in advance, so I could stay positive, focused, patient, and hopeful. This was an enormous relief.  This future insight from Kellye [Mahariel] gave me the strength and determination to see things through and the things she told have come true.  I highly recommend Kellye [Mahariel] and her ability to foresee the future.  For this I am grateful and you will be too!  

Thank you, 



Heal Yourself

In January of 2008, Mahariel was given (by spirit) the ability to help others "heal" using her hands. (She does not heal anyone. The energy that flows through her assists in your healing process.) Some time later, she discovered that she doesn't always need her hands, nor to even be in person.

Mahariel has assisted others in healing common ailments (colds, headaches, sinuses),  other more serious health issues (torn retina, osteoarthritis, nerve pain), healing past life traumas (affecting current life), opening energy blocks and psychic blocks, aligning chakras, and more.

Phone and in-person sessions available.

$55 for 30 minutes
$99 for an hour


Transcend To Ascend
Empathic Shielding

By Transcending all the negative in your life, you will Ascend to:

  • Be truly happy – release stress and “drama”
  • Release old resentments you may still carry
  • Affect the happiness level of everyone else around you
  • Attract better people, things, and situations into your life
  • Easily manifest all of your wants, needs and desires (money, relationships, and much more)

Everything in our world is “energy” (including YOU) and different energies vibrate at different levels. The energies (ideas, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, etc) you carry within you determine the outcomes you have in your life. By releasing these lower/negative energies, you will be happier, healthier and more abundant in all areas of your life. Just as Dr. Emoto proved in 1997 that water can be altered by changing its vibrational frequency with thought or words, you can too. 

All it takes is your decision that you are ready for change. That you are ready for things to improve in your life because you are tired of the same old, outdated outcomes you have always had before now. Then all it takes is your openness to receive these changes. After that, I do the work on you as you go about your daily life without you having to stop your routine to call or visit with me. I immediately start releasing all of your lowest vibrations (which could be shame, guilt, low self-esteem, low confidence, etc) which then takes you to your next lowest level to work on. (Go here to see the Scale of Consciousness.) As we clear all of your lower levels, you will notice how things in your life improve. You will manifest all of your wants, needs and desires without any hard effort on your part.

This process really works! I've experienced the releasing of old fears, along with manifesting money, connections, and improved family relationships faster than ever before. In fact, I've been sending several of my friends to you just so they, too, can experience this transformation. I know I personally can help others with their transformational periods, but in the past it was difficult to get the word out. Now, it's just snowballing in the best way imaginable. Thanks, Mahariel Meleahh.
~ From B.B.


Wow, that is awesome Kellye [Mahariel] and thanks for all that you have done. I felt a shift of something today and got that energy buzzing around my head again.
From P. J.

I felt the shift and I think I literally felt it. While I was at work awhile after you responded I felt this sense of cleansing over me... Almost like someone physically there doing a cleaning on me. :) Great job.
From J. S.

For much more information, visit:

Empathic Shielding
If you notice that you seem to take on the same emotions as the people around you (mad, sad, upset, depressed, etc), then you're an "empath". You can stop taking on other people's feelings with "Empathic Shielding". Such as this "Home Health Care" worker did:

What you did really worked!! I actually had a sense of peace and calm the rest of the day, it was amazing!!
From T. S.

You don’t even have to take time out of your busy schedule to benefit from either one of these “processes”. They are done while you go about your normal daily activities. 

Only $59


Handwriting Analysis

Mahariel started her first certification training in May 2000. Over the years, she has helped many hundreds of people better understand their selves, other people in their lives (partners, etc), change their handwriting to change their personality (graphotherapy), and much more. She works with individuals and couples and can be hired to entertain your party guests. With over 200 personality traits that can be seen, what does your handwriting say about you?

Contact Kellye (Mahariel) for more information.